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Ewald Rieder began his career with the sale of health products.


Ewald Rieder came to know about water ionizers and recognized their potential in the field of water optimization. He established contacts with renowned figures in the industry, including the Russian inventor Vithold Bakhir.


Ewald Rieder learned of an innovative and highly advanced water ionizer produced in South Korea. An appliance that in the USA had recorded sales for 25,000 units in just six months. Ewald Rieder founded SANUSLIFE® and also secured the exclusive rights on the Korean water ionizer for Italy.


Ewald Rieder, together with his sister Verena and longtime friends Florian Kerschbaumer and Günther Frei, founded SANUSLIFE®, of which he became CEO. Ewald Rieder is the CEO. In the same year he signed a partnership agreement with Dr. Sang Whang, the scientist, inventor and best-selling author who had found that all ionizers on the market had one weak point in common: their filter technology. In collaboration with experts in water filtration technology, they went on to design, develop and produce an electric water ionizer.


The water ionizer developed by Sang Whang and SANUSLIFE® was introduced on the market. The result was impressive: while contaminants such as lead and arsenic were greatly reduced, all important alkaline minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, remained intact in water. A modern South Korean company with extensive experience in the sector produced the water ionizer exclusively for SANUSLIFE®. SANUSLIFE® thus achieved an extremely high standard in the field of water ionization technologies, opening the way for the ionizer’s worldwide distribution.


SANUSLIFE® expanded its product range to include a mineral flow-through water ionizer, realized as a tabletop pitcher. The first product in the area of dietary supplements was also introduced.


The company, registered in Italy as SANUSLIFE®, was renamed SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL GmbH.


Crowning the many years of research and development, SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL introduced its own electronic water ionizer onto the market: the ECAIA ionizer. This appliance was produced exclusively for the company. An Italian laboratory, certified by, tested and confirmed the safety of all the components used in manufacturing the appliance. With an extensive series of tests, the filtering capacity of both Filter 1 and Filter 2 was also shown to reach a constant average of 99% until the filters’ total depletion. This proven filtration technology was also widely used in the mineral flow-through water ionizer. For what regards sales, SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL focused increasingly on online business activities. Alongside SANUSSTORE and SANUSBUSINESS, appeared SANUSWORLD, the company’s online community, which became the driving force of the SANUSLIFE® world.


SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL obtained the H.A.C.C.P. certification for the ECAIA ionizer and integrated the certified filter technology into its new product, the ECAIA water dispenser. With its water dispenser, manufactured in Italy and also possessing the H.A.C.C.P. certification, the company was able to expand its operations also and above all to large establishments. Their brand portfolio was enriched by two of the company’s own labels: ESORI (dietary supplements) and ANACOS (alkaline natural cosmetics). At this time, SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL also offered other companies the opportunity to make their quality products available through SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL’s extensive distribution network. The product range, still focused on the health sector, was enriched with many products from various different sectors.


SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. At the beginning of the year, a new Internet platform was introduced, equipped with a powerful referral marketing software. The offer now extends to a total of five divisions: SANUSWORLD, SANUSPRODUCTS, SANUSSTORE, SANUSCOMPANIES und SANUSBUSINESS A new Compensation Plan has also been presented that, based on SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL’s worldwide activities, boasts an incredible 20 bonuses.